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See tolú

by Marco tepedino

For those who really want to make good on their vacations we have a good one for you...

If you still think the departments of Córdoba and Sucre have only livestock and cotton, you are missing the quietest and most peacefull beaches in the Caribbean. Their waters remain warm throughout the year, and receive a large number of senioir citizens from a host of foreign nations seeking a quiet and beautiful place to rest, ideal specially in the winter months in both Europe and North America.

Arriving at Tolú you'll find a small city with well over 455 years of history. Accomodations consists of comfortable hostals, with prices ranging from $10.000 to$50.000 pesos per person. There is also an area for camping near the sea for those who want to experience extreme outdoors action. In the nights you can walk the streets filled with people, environment rumba, music and artisans that you can barther with over some of the most unique pieces made from the materials of the region.

From tolú, you can rent a motorboat and walk the islands of San Bernardo del Viento. Do remember to provision yourself with plenty of fresh water and foodstocks for the journey which is well over an hour long. The islands are: múcura, ceicén, tintipán, ilhéu, Palm Island, and Fuerte. The "Islote" is also a must stop, for it is the world's most popullated island: 1600s people. There's also Múcura Island, ideal for swimming or just lazing out on its white sand. If you desire something more extreme you can go diving because the archipiélago of San Bernardo is appropriate for the sport and subaquatic leisure activities, taking into account the warmness of the water and the amount of flora and fauna found in any of its sites. Then there's also Palma Island, a resort with a Museum, marine aquarium, ecological park and the special attention of a magnificent hotel.

Only 19 kilometres of Tolú we find Coveñas, a tourist area ladden with sets of residential areas and a few hotels. The beaches are quiet, with little people, and plenty of "Palmeras" (Palm trees) and a sea which offers us a show of multi-coloured hazes.

In this region, you'll also find white sand beaches such as San antero, where you can enjoy a good dish of fried fish with "patacones" and coconut rice. In addition, is the Bay of cispatá, there's a huge forest of manglares and a colorful ecosystem where it is possible to enjoy the harmony of nature. Nearby are two mud volcanos that offer medicinal benefits .

Don't forget: to take a journey via bycicle-taxi, that for less than $2.000 pesos,less than a US dollar) will give you a tour of unsurpassable and sensational thrill.
Do know: San antero is the only municipality with dolphins coastal residents in the Colombia part. In the Bay Area of cispatá of the municipality is possible to find two classes of Dolphins: pink and gray. Pink is the same species as the one's living in the Amazon River.

15 Minutes from tolú there's a beach called "Puerto Viejo", perfect to fall in love with the night and for swimming at the light of the stars. I also recommend the Ciénaga of the caimanera, a natural reserve full of manglares and beautiful birds that make up 2.000 hectares of biodiversity.
Carolina Méndez, Barranquilla

Be amazed
"If shopping's your thing, on the road towards the municipalities you'll find all sorts of small shops that contain a diversity of Crafts in totumo and calabazo, wood, bananas, seeds, Palma of wine, Enea and helmsman arrow, among others. You can also practice submarinisno.
Ivan Pérez, Sincelejo

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Taganga Blue

By Marco tepedino

Taganga is a fishing village of harsh and stiffnecked men, of long and hard workdays ending in beautiful sunsets and magic evenings nights.

Located on the shores of the Caribbean Sea, just 5 minutes de Santa Marta; a strategic place for lovers of diving, eco tourism and adventure.

Traveling by road, between mountains loaded with trupillo lush and Cactus espinadas, we can see the greatness of the beautiful Blue Turquoise Sea emerge from the depths of this Figural ensenada, where the descendants of the tayrona tribe fish to feed the population.

Today, the place has become the epicentre of diving in Colombia. Both backpackers and newlyweds find the site to be a favorive place for fun,adventure and romance without leaving Colombia.

Taganga also happens to be the main entrance to the National Park tayrona. From there can be take boats that lead to different Park beaches where you can appreciate the diversity of our ecosystem.

If you like to sunbathe, swim at sea, or simply rest between the shadows of a good trupillo, this is your ideal plan. Here you will find that and more: diving, careteo, seadoos, trekking and avistamento of birds typical of the region.

For those who like all these activities without losing the comfort of the city, taganga has a luxury hotel: the blue whale. Here you'll be amazed with the 'boutique hotel' and the comfort of a five - star resort.

Attention and accomodations are excellent. Beautiful and comfortable rooms, with minimalist decor. The Terrace offers the best view of the place and its two restaurants have a varied menu from the more traditional to the most exotic, created by the chef Primavera Trujillo.

If you complain about the lack of gastronomical fare in this place, I assure you that in these restaurants you will find an exquisite selection of fusion cuisine, made with the best ingrediets of the Caribbean. In short a way, to enjoy the adventure but with all the amenities of the city.

A thousand beaches
Taganga is the starting point for the beaches of cinto, neguanje, gairaca Beach, Cristal, and Pozo Azul; and the Park tayrona (reefs, cañaveral and pueblito) and lost city.

If you do not dare to learn scuba diving, this is the time. In taganga there is an excellent diving operation and much to see.

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Explore Quilla

by Marco tepedino

The "Arenosa", "The Golden Gate of Colombia" or simply "Quilla", City of contrasts and infinite attractiveness to the visitor, has become in recent years a must see for all those who move, either by land or air on their way to the caribean beaches. There are many who end up here, running away from the interior of the country in search of a haven of peace and tranquility, an escape stress or the monotony of the Andean landscapes.

Barranquilla is a place for all those who like new experiences, because no other city of the Costa may be more attractive as a starting point for a journey sandy shores of the Colombian Caribean. For the visitor, our city offers an endless list of attractions and amenities, combined with the freshness and spontaneous nature of its people, making this the starting point of the "Corredor Turístico" (Turistic Corridor)of the Atlantic Coast (composed by Cartagena, Barranquilla, and Santa Marta).

Unlike Cartagena, and Santa Marta, Barranquilla is a city filled with a wealth and variety of shops and a diverse nightlife, with countless bars, and clubs that offer a host of options for publics of all ages. Off course we also have a selection of modern and comfortable shopping centres and malls in which the visitor will find a very diverse range of domestic and importedproducts, at a very good price.

In tourism, Barranquilla doesnt fall short either, because this city has a rich history of traditions, thanks to the great migration of foreigners from the late 19th century and early 20th century. Here you will find restaurants specializing in international food, the stronger Chinese food, Italian and Arabic.

And let us not forget the Barranquilla Carnival. Places as indigenous as "La Troja","El Rancho Currambero", "Mi Vieja Barranquilla" and "La Cueva" where you can enjoy all sorts of nightly live spectacles alluring to the local folklore. There's also the "Barrio Abajo" with its cultural events and, of course, the "Centro" of Barranquilla, now in the process of rehabilitation with its beautiful buildings of Republican and art decco architecture.

Barranquilla also has nice and quiet beaches, in which you can eat great seafood and confortable accomodations.

Choose your thing...


Buenavista shopping centre
Here you find stores such as the Riviera, modern jewelry , cinemas and restaurants.

The Portal del Prado
Here are the Sao, tennis, white point, cinemas and meals.

Shopping Centre Miramar
Here are great variety of stores with cinemas.

Villa country and country Plaza
Here you find exclusive shops , such as Beatriz Camacho and trademarks brands.


If you come to Barranquilla, you have to walk the Prado, where you'll see houses that are architectural gems of emblematic urbanism, and extensive Boulevards.

Many star hotels
Barranquilla has a variety. We recommend the hotels, Dan, the Marqués of Casablanca and waves Inn.


The Muelle of Puerto Colombia
In its time of the top ports of the country, built in the late 19th century, an gateway to all the progress that came into the country. It is currently in recovery.

I commend the plan to eat the River
Cannot fail to go to the "Las Flores", Neighborhood at the edge of the Magdelena river, where you can enjoy the true typical coastal cooking in varied restaurants and estaderos with the best care and good prices.

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Travel to capurganá

Getting there: To reach capurganá by land you have two options: out of Medellín you grab a bus that takes you directly to the port of Turbo or if you come from the Caribbean coast, leaving montería there are small minibuses that make the journey. From there, you have to take a boat - taxi service until 10:00 am so hurry or be late. You can also travel by air, in twin-engine aircraft leaving from Medellín regularly to capurganá or acandí, a population only 40 minutes motorboat of our destination. Take advantage of the season and visit this chocoana jewel set in the Caribbean Colombian.

By: Marco Tepedino

At capurganá, we had to register before the DAS, because it is the exitpoint of many people to Panama, who seek this route, as a more economic option to visit the neighbouring country. There I ralized that, because we were surrounded by so many foreigners in the boat speaking different languages converting our ferry into a real Babel.

Those were three wonderful days of travel between the forest and the sea, where we enjoyed every moment of our trip. At night we made good friends: Willy Nelfi, and the Great Niche. We danced in a kiosco to the rhythms of champeta and Marimba, with a folklore group that played songs in a shower of drumbeats.

We spent the next day in neighbouring sapzurro, 20 minutes motorboat where we did some snorkeling. We rented the gear, and we interned ourselves in the depth of this sea, to find the beautiful, colourful corals and sea stars, we also saw beautiful fishes such as the Napoleón and fine morays that threaten us with their teeth, but in reality turned out to be very quiet and rather timid.

We were also in Panama. Very early in the morning we to climbed the hill that separates the two countries. The Panamanian guard received us with great joy and emotion, because we were the first adventures of the day. We made friends with one of the soldiers who look after the border, and he showed us the best sites for diving and ecoturism underwater.

Two hours was very little time to understand all the beauty that this place can offer the visitor. We left a bit sad because we could not continue talking about the events that happened 4 years ago and we have to be rather strong and couragous to stay away from all the poor people, and the unscrupulous traffickers who prowl these destinations to commit their wrongdoings.

We left capurganá in the best way: day, with open arms and swallowing up water, because the ferry boat that transported us, crashed with another and we fell into the water once again.

I cannot remember the bad things: only the best. I recommend this location eyes closed. This place has algo become a favorite for newlyweds on their honeymoon,who spend their first days contemplating the natural beauty of this land.

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The mulas are moved to Barranquilla

In representative scenarios of our city a film about a Colombian who falls into the cluches of drug trafficking is being shot

The Arriero
Tab: 2008, Colombia - Spain, RCN film and Lumiere Foundation.
Director: Guillermo Calle
With: Julián Díaz, María Cecilia Sanchez and Paula Castaño.
Premiere: Eastern 2009

by Carlos Rincón Eckardt

Lights, sound, video, rolling ... a combination of words very familiar no adays in Barranquilla. Thats right, for the following weeks "Quilla" will become the venue chosen for the onlocation filming of "El Arriero", A Colombian film production, that began shooting a few days ago in the "Edificio de la Aduana".

The drill starts every day at 7:30 a.m. on location where we met the production team, composed of more than 20 people who mobilize in 3 trucks.

Among the actors who travelled from Bogotá to participate in the arriero are Julián Díaz, from the "Colombian dream", and Maria Cecilia Sanchez, the winner of the first version of "Isla de los Famosos" TV Show. The other people involved in the shooting in the city are barranquilleros hired by Astrocasting, the casting agency responsible for the coordination of extras, pre-approved by Guillermo Calle, the Director of the film who has on his behalf such landmark Colombian films such as "La Gente del Universal".

The daily shoot is a "tour de force", Despite the thousands of hours invested in the preproduction process and the professionalism, creativity and human talent, anything can happen.

The behind the scenes is, on many occasions, a lot more intriguing than the film itself. And a single scene whose preparatin took weeks or months will only have a few seconds of screen time.

Fortunately, the filmakers of "El Arriero" have discovered, with enormous satisfaction, that Barranquilla is an ideal location for filming, offering infinite number of locations that can be adapted and tailored to the needs of the filmaker, as well as loads of people with great acting abilities and natural talent for action, that are channeled thru specialized agencies like Astrocasting.

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